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Real financial planning designed specifically for transitioning service members.
Military Transition Plan Front Page

Your Military Transition Plan

How We Can Help

✅ Reduce your anxiety during the crazy time of transition

✅Give you back more of your valuable time to spend with family

✅Give you a trusted second set of eyes to give you confidence that you are on the right track 

Transition Mission

We partner with Warrior Transition Outdoors, a non-profit focusing on helping transitioning veterans through family advocacy and outdoor experiences to donate a transition plan to a member in need for every single plan delivered. Visit WTO to Learn more about our partnership! 

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Military Transition Plan Value

We created this plan for transitioning service members because we believe the stakes are so high during transition and mistakes or lack of education could cost millions over a lifetime.

Here is what we believe to be the potential value of real financial planning when properly implemented for transitioning members:

  • Proper Investment Selection and Education: 1-2%

  • Right sizing all of your Insurance: $10,000+

  • Tax Planning: $10,000s to $100,000s

  • Retirement strategies: $10,000s to $100,000s

  • Cash Flow management: $100s to $1,000s

  • Proper Employee Benefits Elections: $1,000s

  • Mortgage and Real Estate Decisions: $10,000s

  • Education Planning: $10,000s

  • Estate Planning: $10,000s -$100,000s

  • Things that are priceless:

    • Defining why money matters to you

    • Knowing when you can stop working

    • Being more confident and less stressed

    • Freeing up your time

    • Bringing more clarity to your transition

    • Feeling in control

*These estimates are not a guarantee, but are based on our research, Vanguard Advisor Alpha Study, and  of the effects of properly implemented financial planning recommendations. 


Military Transition Plan Deliverables

A comprehensive financial plan covering over 20 financial planning areas to make your military transition as smooth as possible. You maintain access to ask questions throughout the entire transition process after your plan is delivered.

A Transition Plan can cover but is not limited to  the following areas:

Net Worth Statement

Leave Balance

ID Protection, Credit Score, Lost Money

Take Home Pay Analysis

Separation Income 

Cash Flow Projection 

Short Term Goals and Debt

Keep or Sell Current House

Buy or Rent new house

Mortgage Decision

Employee Benefits Education 

GI Bill 

Education Savings 

Property and Casualty Insurance 

Life and Disability Insurance 

SBP Analysis

Health Insurance 

Tax Planning 

Retirement Projections 

Keep or Roll TSP Decision 

Investment Analysis

Estate Planning 

Personalized Order of Operations

Measurable Action Plan (MAP)


Intro Call 

A 30 minute introductory call to ask questions and see if the One-time Military Transition plan is right for you 



Half of the fee will be due upon signing the advisory agreement. The other half will be due upon plan delivery


Upload Documents

I will have a list of documents for you to upload to a secure vault and a questionnaire to make sure that I have everything that I need to build your plan 


Discovery Meeting

After going through your documents, I want to get on a call to clarify anything that needs more detail, and make sure that I have all qualitative and quantitative inputs that I need to make your plan.


Plan Delivery

I will present your entire plan on a zoom call and answer any questions that you have. After this call, the remainder of the fee will be due, and you will maintain access to ask any questions throughout your transition. 

Step 1: Schedule Your 30 Minute Intro Call

Download the Ultimate Financial Checklist for Military and Veterans

In this value packed checklist, you'll get 7 pages of critical things to be thinking about to clarify your journey to financial freedom

Ultimate Financial Checklist for Military Members
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