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Ongoing Financial Planning and Investment Management 

Continuous and comprehensive planning with modern technology to align your money with your values


Intro Call 

A 30 minute introductory call to see if we could be a potential fit for you and that I would add value to your situation.  


Get Organized Meeting

A 60 minute meeting to clearly identify your concerns, gather financial data, and start to chart a path towards your goals.


Action Items Meetings

As many meetings as it takes to flush out action items and discuss the best way forward.


Ongoing Planning and Implementation

We review your entire financial situation throughout the year, with two scheduled meetings and  you have year round access for anything that comes up.

Sample One Page Plan
Elements Financial Monitoring App
Altruist Investment App

Download the Ultimate Financial Checklist for Military and Veterans

In this value packed checklist, you'll get 7 pages of critical things to be thinking about to clarify your journey to financial freedom

Ultimate Financial Checklist for Military Members
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