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The BLUF Finance Membership

A Military financial education program for all service members
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This is for You If:

✅ You want to gain clarity and confidence around your finances

✅ You are a military or veteran family that wants sound financial guidance from a place that isn't a Facebook group or your friend at work

✅ You prefer to "DIY" or do not yet need the help of a full on financial planner 

What's Inside

➡️  Access to Elements® Financial Monitoring App

➡️ Quarterly Progress Reporting  

➡️ Monthly recordings of Asynchronous Office Hours reviewing financial topics of the month, and Q&A from members

➡️ Access to the Military Finance course with step-by-step education, instructions, and resources to make the best financial decisions for your family

➡️ Access to a growing library of Zoom recordings, military finance checklists, spreadsheets, and templates, with a structured service calendar and videos to keep you on track

➡️ Financial Helpdesk Support

➡️ Access to 1:1 financial answer sessions with a financial planner at $350/session when you need personalized help   

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Download the Ultimate Financial Checklist for Military and Veterans

In this value packed checklist, you'll get 7 pages of critical things to be thinking about to clarify your journey to financial freedom

Ultimate Financial Checklist for Military Members
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